Upgrade from Standard Controls on Your Equipment

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We realize that equipment purchases are the major capital expenditure that a pressure pumping company is faced with.

You want to get the best deal on your equipment — maybe opting for standard controls on various types of equipment with different or older control systems, or perhaps you’ve made some acquisitions that comes with a varied controls. This creates fragmentation in how you train, and different combinations of equipment wired together with bailer twine. Certainly, in these scenarios, the controls themselves are limiting factors in how to differentiate you from your competitors.

Because our controls are equipment agnostic and interoperable with other control systems, you can manage the transition to our control platform more easily. Our experience in converting hundreds of pieces of equipment has enabled the development of best practices for a step add approach to fleet conversions.

Upgrading to Advanced Management premium controls is like upgrading the factory radio and speakers in your old Chevy

Car manufacturers used to be notorious for skimping on radio and speaker components in their cars. This was to keep costs down while delivering a minimally acceptable level of performance. Anybody that wanted any real sound in their car needed to upgrade to premium equipment using many 3rd party manufacturers that sprouted up in the ’70s and 80’s.

Nowadays, most cars come with pretty good stereos because the car companies source their radios from the 3rd party manufacturers

We have several OEM partners that offer their equipment with our FracCommand Suite hardware and software pre-installed. They’d be happy to discuss new equipment purchases and other fleet needs.

Your Fleet Roadmap

Based on your needs and size of fleet, our Global Technology Team will help you put together a strategic roadmap that will define:

  • which existing equipment will be integrated with various components of the FracCommand Suite?
  • when will equipment be upgraded?
  • which new equipment will need to be purchased with Advanced Measurements controls?
  • when will equipment need to be retired?

Increase Fleet Efficiency

By running consistent controls on all your equipment you will benefit from:

  • Structured training for all your operators
  • Consistency in job performance
  • Reduced maintenance costs and parts inventory by having standardized equipment
  • One point of contact for infield support and service
  • Familiar look and feel between all of your equipment of different types

Contact us to see the difference upgrading to Advanced Measurement controls can make for your fleet.

Our partner Kerui both sells their equipment with our controls installed, but they use them on their own pressure pumping fleet as well.

Our partner Kerui both sells their equipment with our controls installed and they use them on their own pressure pumping fleet as well.

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PumpLink controls can be installed on any pump engine/transmission combination


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