The Global Leader in Frac Controls and Data Van Automation [Video]

The Global Leader in Frac Controls and Data Van Automation [Video]

Pleased to show you our new video that is a good overview of our FracCommand Suite. Enjoy!

Here’s the script, if you’re interested in reading the detail:

When you’re running a frac job, you simply can’t afford downtime with your control system. That means you need equipment you can count on to be reliable in the most demanding conditions.

And if you really want to maximize performance you need powerful automated controls that are also easy to use.

That’s exactly what you get with the Frac Command Suite by Advanced Measurements. The Frac Command Suite is the industry’s premier frac-control system, providing pressure-pumping companies around the world with a complete end-to-end suite of automated software and hardware controls that help optimize frac jobs.

What makes the Frac Command Suite superior?

For one, our controls are robust and easy to use; which means you can get your customer’s wells producing more quickly, while keeping training and down-time to a minimum.

It also gives you the ability to run every element of your frac job from a data van and central schedule, streamlining your operations and giving you more control.

And the Frac Command Suite logs thousands of channels of real-time data. This data is used for real-time and post-job analysis. Customized maintenance and treatment reports reduce non-productive time by identifying repair needs before a failure occurs.

Advanced safety features include: redundant controls, fail-safe pressure kick-outs, and automation that reduces operator error.

Since FracCommand adapts to any combination of industry equipment—fleet conversion is easy. It’s also future-proofed because you’re not locked into a single equipment manufacturer.

Our product development team has spent over 50,000 man-hours of engineering on the FracCommand Suite, making it much easier and more cost-effective than developing an automated control system on your own. Plus, we can work with you to create custom solutions that give you a real industry edge. You also get 24/7 global support and onsite training.

Our systems have been used on over 100,000 jobs globally—with more than 1,600 control systems deployed in more than 10 countries. And now you get the benefit of all that experience and technology development.

So when uptime performance and worker safety are your first priority….Take command! With the Frac Command Suite by Advanced Measurements.

Our ability to safely optimize frac operations is unmatched. Let’s talk about the best solution for you. Contact us now and mention this Impact Movie to take advantage of our free training program for new customers. And please share this message. Thanks.


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