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PumpLink is a pressure pump control system designed to configure to any pump / transmission in the industry.

PumpLink provides world-class control of pumps with automated, real-time and historical information on pump performance.

Frac spreads of up to 32 pumps are supported, with the multi-pumper control application in the data van. With remote control in the data van, the DVCommand software operator  can start and stop pump engines, control throttles, shift gears and invoke neutral idle.

PumpLink is “plug-and-play” — once connected to FracCommand’s proprietary TCP/IP network, PumpLink controls are automatically recognized by DVCommand providing easy setup on the job site.

Significantly improve predictive pump maintenance.

Since the sensor data can predict service levels based on real wear-and-tear calculations, you can rely on Just-In-Time maintenance reports from ReportLink that decrease downtime and maintenance costs.

Jobs done safely, reliably, consistently.

Safety features include redundant local and remote controls (software based), as well as fully redundant manual control (hardware based, independent of the software). Additionally many operational interlocks are provided in the controls, some of which are customer configurable, to ensure safe operation and compliance with service company’s preferred operational procedures.  Several levels of pressure kickout are provided.

Ask us about PumpLink compatibility with your equipment.


  • FPGA technology responds to over-pressure conditions within milliseconds and immediately sends pumpers to a safe neutral idle state.
  • Co-ordinated over-pressure detection from both well-head pressure sensors and each individual pumper’s discharge pressure.
  • Direct local engine and transmission control on pumps
  • Individual and collectively automated from one central DVCommand installation in the data van
  • Comprehensive configuration tool to view and edit all pumper parameters from laptop or data van
  • Software deployment to PumpLink controllers done all-at-one vs. one at a time, up to a 90% decrease in downtime due to controller re-configuration


  • Up to 32 pumps controlled in 4 groups of 8 pumps, with individual, group and total pump kill / idle neutral algorithms
  • Diagnostic trouble codes from engine and transmission ECM’s via J1939 — ability to capture, filter, display, log, report and reset codes all provided.
  • Pumps can be controlled by:
    • Operator electronic controls at both data van and pump,
    • Control software screens and physical switches on each PumpLink control
  • Easy configuration at job site when using multiple PumpLink controls — real-time detection and control of any PumpLink Pumper connected to the TCP network onsite
Advanced Measuresments FracCommand Frac PumpLink Pressure Pump

Advanced Measurements PumpLink control ready to rock and roll

Advanced Measurements controls go through vigorous Q/A before they get shipped to customers

Advanced Measurements controls go through vigorous Q/A before they get shipped to customers

PumpLink Software in DVCommand screens and on Controls


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