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The HydrationLink system consists of 5 Chem-add loops and Auto-Tub Leveling controls.

Each chemical has closed loop control based on the blender suction fluid rate and required concentration, and it also controls automatic tub level control.

HydrationLink integrates with BlenderLink and automatically controls the blender tub level.

The blender tub level will be maintained at the tub level setpoint through closed loop control of suction rate based on tub level.

As with all Advanced Measurements controls, the HydrationLink controller can operate on its own or be remotely controlled from the DVCommand system.

In manual mode, an operator will have manual control of the inlet valve using a potentiometer. When not being automated, our tub level control can be operated locally in automatic or manual mode, depending on the Auto/Manual/Off switch.

Like all of our controls, HydrationLink is “plug-and-play” — once connected to FracCommand’s proprietary TCP/IP network, HydrationLink controls are automatically recognized by DVCommand providing easy setup on the job site.

HydrationLink comes with an operator console complete with integral control system.

Customized versions (custom operator panel and drop in backplane) can also be provided.

HydrationLink provides Ethernet and RS-232 outputs to transmit data collected from the system.

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Monitor the following inputs with HydrationLink

  • Suction Rate, turbine or magnetic flow meter (2 frequency inputs)
  • Suction pressure (4-20 mA analog input)
  • Discharge pressure (4-20 mA analog input)
  • PH probe input (4-20 mA analog input)
  • Viscosity input (4-20 mA analog input)
  • Engine Speed and other values via J1939
  • Fuel Level (4-20 mA analog input)
  • Tub Level (4-20 mA analog input)
  • Hydraulic Tank Temperature (4-20 mA analog input)
  • 2 Open Loop Hydraulic System Pressures (4-20 mA analog input)
  • Closed Loop Hydraulic Pressure; Suction Pump (4-20 mA analog input
  • Tub Inlet Valve; Variable (0-10V or 0-20mA)
  • Bypass Valve (2 digital inputs; 1 open, 1 closed)
  • Discharge Valve (2 digital inputs; 1 open, 1 closed)
  • Crossover Valve (2 digital inputs; 1 open, 1 closed)
  • System Air Pressure (4-20 mA analog input)
  • 5 Liquid Chemical Add rates (frequency input)

Controller features

  • Control 5 chemical add pumps automatically with one system
  • Pressure compensated pump control
  • Auto-manual tub level control
  • Control from a AMI Data Van system PC
  • Capability for fully manual operation, if required
  • Volume totalizers
  • Diagnostic trouble codes from engine and transmission ECM’s via J1939 — ability to capture, filter, display, log, report and reset codes all provided.
  • Fluid rate can be acquired from a sensor or entered manually. Fluid rate K factor also provided.
  • RS-232 Serial output data stream (can be configured to emulate 3rd party output data)
HydrationLink Advanced Measurements Hydraulic Frac FracCommand

HydrationLink controls 5 add pumps automatically with one system

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