Advanced Measuresments FracCommand Frac Front Of OfficeAdvanced Measurements was founded in 1989 with a background in a variety of hardware and software integration. Into the late 90s, Advanced Measurements provided advanced automation and controls turnkey solutions for a variety of industries, including automotive, process control, telecommunications, exploration and drilling, fuel cell testing, and of course, oil and gas.

In 2002, Advanced Measurements began to focus on mobile oilfield service equipment monitoring and automation.  We relied on great people to optimize the use and information from oilfield equipment and we’ve made it our main area of expertise.  We are a strong innovative company with technology and our expertise as our cornerstone that enables us to bring more advanced technology to the oilfield.

Advanced Measurements is a passionate connected group of people building a strong community within our company, our connections, our partners and our industry!

Control and Automation

Advanced Measurements has always been on the forefront of technology and innovation with its solutions and products.  We take advantage of excellent components and platforms for our integration work and take pride in our quality workmanship and innovative and technological breakthroughs.  We’ve experienced great support and alignment by working with partners and by using high quality components and development tools.  This has enabled us to build a strong foundation of field products using the National Instruments (NI) platform.
  • Advanced Measurements Manufacturing20 years experience with automation, control and monitoring system
  • Advanced development of NI-cRIO automation controller applications
  • National Instruments Platinum Partner
  • Experienced in building rugged, reliable systems
  • Focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences with all of our products

Business Intelligence

Not only has Advanced Measurements taking a lead in automating oilfield equipment, we have also developed advanced reporting, analysis and web accessible data solutions.  Our skilled engineering and development teams put a business focus on providing our customers with decision quality information at their fingertips.

Real Field Experience


Our staff are familiar and trained in many areas of remote field equipment. You can rely on our experience to understand your business and real world environments and problems.  We have trained personnel for exceptional customer support and field installations and have all the systems in place that are necessary to ensure a quality product and system is available when you need it.

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