FracCommand Overview

DVCommand BlenderLink ChemLink HydrationLink ReportLink PumpLink FracCommand Suite Frac Automation and Data Management System Advanced Measurements

FracCommand is a complete end-to-end suite of hydraulic frac hardware controls and automation software.

Based on over 100 years of operational frac experience and supported with over 50,000 man hours of software engineering, FracCommand Suite excels by using data from across the frac spread that are reliably collected, automated, analyzed, integrated and reported.

The FracCommand Suite delivers expected frac job results reliably and on-time.

The FracCommand Suite is a highly configurable hardware and software control and data management platform that can control the entire frac spread from centralized DVCommand software. Customers adapt FracCommand controls for the entire fleet, for existing equipment that needs to be upgraded or pre-installed on new equipment to accommodate a step add approach as fleets are upgraded.

Performing in the harshest field conditions for over 20 years.

Since 1989, Advanced Measurements has been building high quality and reliable controls — with over 1,200 deployments of controls in 10 countries, Advanced Measurements products reliably perform in the harshest of field conditions.

Increase safety, reduce maintenance costs and reduce downtime.

Our dedicated training organization runs certified training programs to bring new employees online faster; coupled with common interfaces across our software and hardware controls, a 24/7 global support team, and automated processes like our fail-safe pressure kickouts, we stand behind FracCommand to increase job safety and minimize downtime and maintenance costs.

Our proprietary TCP/IP protocol allows customers to quickly setup a frac spread with  “plug and play” FracCommand controls; i.e. PumpLink, BlenderLink, ChemLink, and HydrationLink are hooked into DVCommand in the data van by one network cable, are automatically recognized and ready to go.

Time to get started?

General Functionality

  • Total control from centralized DVCommand running pump schedule
  • Software driver support for hundreds of different types of equipment combinations
  • Thousands of channels of data available
  • Centralized data acquisition of analog, digital and frequency inputs
  • Centralized data acquisition of RS-232 serial stream data
  • Data channels logged to file on the PC, to SQL Database for use with ReportLink and can be exported into MS Excel
  • All system alarms/events logged
  • DVCommand system screens provide a view for any channels in the system, including channels that are shared from other vehicles
  • User configurable Serial Outputs to 3rd party engineering packages (SMARTS, Meyers, etc.)

The FracCommand Suite includes:

  • DVCommand as the central hub of the frac job with a data van data acquisition box and data van software licensing
  • PumpLink multi-pump controller licensing, PumpLink controllers and interface hardware for up to 32 pumps
  • BlenderLink controller and software
  • ChemLink controller and software
  • HydrationLink controller and software
  • ReportLink — our reporting tool with templates running on a database

All of which is enabled by our Software Platform, allowing for quick customization, development, adaptation of hundreds of existing equipment device drivers and customization of DVCommand displays.

Advanced Measuresments FracCommand Frac PumpLin Pressure Pump

PumpLink control installed on a pressure pumper

Advanced Measuresments FracCommand Frac Blender Control

BlenderLink is highly configurable for a variety of sand & dry chemical augers and tub types

Advanced Measurements inside of data van DVCommand

DVCommand is suitable for every imaginable data van configuration

Advanced Measuresments FracCommand Frac Up Close Data Wires

All our hardware is meticulously crafted; including labeling every wire in our controls

FracCommand for Fleet Management

We use the same user interface styles and configuration management across all our software and the pieces of our equipment which creates familiarity and ease of moving between components of the frac spread.  Familiar operation of both our hardware controls and the DVCommand software decreases downtime, reduces maintenance costs/concerns and increases safety by reducing technician error. Especially if they’ve completed the certified training programs offered by our world-class global technology group!

All hardware controls plug-and-play to the data van (DVCommand) through our proprietary TCP/IP network to provide seamless installation and setup for the frac job.


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