FracCommand Software Platform

FracCommand Suite Advanced Measurements Hydraulic Frac Control Automation and Data Management Suite

A platform enables developers to easily create and maintain additional applications using a library of routines, processes, interface elements, and runtime libraries.

The FracCommand software library gives you a big head start with integration and customization. 

It’s our software library that enables data communication with the different hardware controls, makes equipment available for controlling centrally from the data van, collects the data, logs it, shares it, makes it available for display, calculation and reporting. In order to make the FracCommand Suite work for all your equipment and other 3rd party controllers, we use this software library to give you a big head start with integration and customization.

FracCommand Platform consists of four layers of libraries and algorithms:
  • The Communication layer that includes our proprietary TCP/IP protocol. The TCP/IP network allows customers to quickly setup a frac spread with  “plug and play” FracCommand controls; i.e. PumpLink, BlenderLink, ChemLink, and HydrationLink are hooked into the Datavan by one network cable, are automatically recognized and ready to go without further installation.
  • Data Logging for capturing data in real-time and sequential storage
  • Data Processing to run the schedule, acquire data from the raw i/o, scaling, averaging and then displaying results as meaningful numbers
  • Device Configuration “wrapper” that connects / interfaces with the other 3 layers to easily adapt to all the different pieces of equipment and controls that our customers own

The platform provides flexible and fast customization for our clients with bullet-proof code. More importantly, that means that our customers can each define and develop specific competitive differentiation based on their approach and equipment.

For more info, click here for Wikipedia definition: “A platform is a crucial element in software development.”

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The FracCommand platform includes over 100 years of hydraulic frac operational experience guiding 50,000 software engineer man-hours to create the full FracCommand library.

There isn’t much we haven’t encountered so expect easy adaptability of FracCommand to your fleet. We’ve built software device drivers for many different manufacturers, and literally hundreds of different pieces of equipment, and any pump engine / transmission combination in the industry.


  • our Vision is to continue to expand and deepen the platform and leverage our other skills in activity analysis and optimizing equipment performance using continuous improvement and analytics.
  • our Passion is to engage in a global conversation to advance frac technology using sensors, controls and data management resulting in a safe, environmental and reliable approach.
What are the benefits of the FracLink platform?

  • Adding unsupported equipment and sensors is simply a matter of adapting an existing driver, if one doesn’t already exist.
  • Re-usable code and software libraries
  • Much better than starting from scratch when customizing for your company’s specific needs and approach
  • 50% to 95% faster deployment of custom code to pump controllers by downloading to all at once vs. one pump at a time in a frac spread
  • Setting up a serial device is the same as setting up an analog or digital device. It just … works
  • Bullet-proof tested code, libraries and algorithms that have been used on thousands of jobs around the world
  • Can save hundreds of thousands of dollars (and headaches) annually for service companies thinking about building their own controls or equipment manufacturers struggling to maintain the accelerated pace of innovation in hydraulic fracking

Our software development, product and project management teams are in close contact with customers to continue to expand our software library to solve for current and future needs.


R & D Lab Advanced Measurements

The full FracCommand Suite is both hardware and software — here’s our R&D Lab where two come magically together.

Advanced Measurements services all major producing regions in the world and United States

One of the benefits to our adaptable platform is global interoperability — in addition to having serviced our equipment in Russia, China, Oman, Bahrain, China, Mexico, and Argentina, we have local service for all producing regions in North America

Advanced Measurement Screen Shot

Using the FracCommand platform, our customers can take data logs from literally thousands of data channels during a frac job — stored in both serial files and an SQL database accessed with ReportLink tools, or easily integrated / exported to their customer’s own systems and programs.

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