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DVCommand is the central nervous system of the FracCommand Suite.

From a centralized location in the data van, DVCommand controls, monitors and displays the whole process; water, proppant, chemicals, flow rate, pressure and more.

We’re not in the business of making datavans — we’re in the business of helping YOU make great datavans.

Whether you are building your own datavans, or purchasing from one of our OEM partners, we can help ensure an optimal DVCommand configuration that includes:

  • Centralized control of all FracCommand controlled vehicles in the Frac spread while retaining the option of local vehicle control
  • Powerful data acquisition and monitoring of vehicle information, pressures, rates and more — thousands of channels of data available
  • Comprehensive and flexible data displays and logging
  • Centralized monitoring, alarming and real-time reporting
  • Each vehicle maintains its own configuration data, however, the data van provides one central location to easily access and modify the configuration of any vehicle.
  • Each vehicle logs it’s own data and DVCommand provides the ability to log this data redundantly in the Data Van

Ready to configure your OWN data vans?

The DVCommand configuration system section screens:

  • Channels
  • Channel Groups
  • Constants
  • Display
  • Screens
  • Logging
  • User
  • Blender
  • Pumper


  • Supports multiple monitors for displays with easy setup for viewing and controlling channels
  • Separate screens for controlling the job’s schedule, alarms, logging, and configuration
  • User based security management; DVCommand includes a full user management system to ensure technicians and operators have access to only those things they should be able to change.
  • Run all facets of a Frac job under full automation from one central pump schedule
  • Pump schedules can be entered manually or imported from a standard CSV file
Advanced Measurements inside of data van DVCommand

DVCommand is suitable for every imaginable data van configuration

Data Acquisition can be gathered using our standard DAQ box, or, in the case of Stewart & Stevenson pumps, our "Beastbox" that allows DVCommand to connect to S&S as native automated controls

Data Acquisition can be gathered using our standard DAQ box, or using our Third Party Interface Enclosure that allows DVCommand to connect to many different types of equipment.

We're in the business of helping YOU make great datavans.

We help you create datavans that are customized to your processes and equipment.


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